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[✇] felt the joy and the fear
Dear Winona Kirk,

Is that even really your name, did you take your husband’s name? Did you have a big wedding, did you wear a big white dress? (Do they still do that in the future?) Did you meet in class, in a coffee shop, did he ask you for drinks? Did he send you roses every day until you said yes? Did you have a one night stand that didn’t end when it should have with a cadet willing to do the right thing?

Why were you on board the USS Kelvin? Did you miss your husband when he was away? Did you want to see the stars? Was it the Starfleet healthcare program? Were you a doctor, once upon a time? Were you lonely while your husband worked, or did you have friends among the crew members?

Did you love your baby boy? Was your son always unruly, did he always thumb his nose, or were you once allies? Did he leave a note when he left for the stars? Did you hear when he was made captain, were you proud?

Was your life defined by absent men, did you always keep a candle lit? Were there old loves and family friends willing to help you pick up the pieces and fill in the blanks? Were there right-now men instead of happily-ever-after men? Did your heart heal, did you find new love, did your son resent you for it? Did he notice?

Did you have a happy childhood? Did you love school, did you love boys, did you have any hobbies? Did you have a whole career waiting for you? Were you close with your parents, your siblings, your neighborhood chums? Did they go to the wedding?

Did your son ever ask about his father? Did you tell him?

Who wouldn’t want to hear your stories?



That is how I feel about this.

Oh, Tropie.


I pretended for a while that Dr Winona Cameron Kirk was a Starfleet doctor and thats why she was on the Kelvin, but, you know. She should get to be her own character.


(Deleted comment)
Off to Has-Served-Her-Plot-Purpose-Donia, I suppose. And it's like, I can see what they were going for, and yes, this is an origin story about Kirk and Spock, not their parents, and there are meant to be parallels for the boys, but Sarek is physically present in the story! Amanda is physically present, and obviously emotionally present in Spock's character. Even George is brought up more often as having had an effect on Jim than his STILL LIVING MOTHER, WHO RAISED HIM. I mean, honestly.

Part of me says FICATHONNNNNNNN; and the other part of me is just so sad about this.


Yeah. This was originally going to BE fic, because I wanted SOMETHING, but I kind of broke down when faced with so many questions. Now more than ever, bring on the DS9 and TNG (and Mad Men, for serious).

oh man, i would read a story for every. single. question you have here. jesus fuck, abrams.

She could have been so many ladies.

I love this post. She deserves to have her story told.

<3 Thank you! Both for this, and your fic (which sainfoin_fields recced to me not long after I posted this in a delightfully serendipitous moment).

She deserves so much more than what she got.

Oh, my gosh, I want to hear all of her stories. She deserves to have them told, same as every woman this movie forgot.

Thank you so, so much for this post.

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Thank you for commenting. I loved so many things that the movie did, but then....

I do love how fandom seems to have embraced Gaila as Awesome Ladies VP, despite her .5 minutes of screentime. Sometimes I love you, fandom.

Um, hi, I'm just a random passer-by who doesn't even know how she ended up in your LJ, but I wanted to let you know that I loved this. And I would read the answer to every single question. Yes.

Hee, no worries! And thank you, I'm glad this resonated.

...and now I have moved my Winona story out of the "later" folder into the "work on now" folder.

It bugs me that there's so much that was in the script--and even shot--that we'll never get to see until the DVD maybe, as literally the movie was so streamlined. But at the same time, to not introduce the actual plot until over 30 minutes in would have been BAD. So I still shake my head and wish for more. But at the same time, it bothers me that Winona wasn't there when Jim took command.

Did she die at Tarsus IV, if Tarsus IV even happened in this universe? Was she there, sitting behind Pike, and let on the cutting room floor? Was she still off-planet? What was up with the 2nd husband? At least she's actually in Starfleet. That's more than Diane Carey ever did for her, and she's just about the only tie-in author to ever show Jim and Sam's mum.

I love this post! You'll love DS9. The Ladies of DS9 don't take no shit from no one. Even Leeta.

Here via where no woman

Thanks to sainfoin_fields I am here...and your letter sparked a community also thanks to her, and your influence!


I want to hear her stories, and all the women of Trek's stories, too.
Looking forward to more inspired by this wonderful missive to Dr. Winona Cameron-Kirk.

i think this sums up my feelings on the ladies of the reboot better than anything else could.

A story by builtofsorrows linked to this, and... YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. I am extremely puzzled by fandom's apparent mass decision that poor Winona was an abuser, a tolerator of abuse, or so neglectful that she didn't notice at all. UM. Dude. Military widows from rural areas with children. STEP OFF.

I am sort of inspired... I might try to collect a recs list of Winona Kirk: Not a Bitch.

All of these things are things that are picking at the back of my brain even more since I saw the movie for the sixth time.

Add to that the knowledge that AOS Jim was born 2.5 months earlier than TOS Jim. What did that do to her? How did that make her feel? Having had a preemie myself, I'm working over the fic in my brain.

Thank you for this.


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